AstraMu Updates v3

New updates have been made to the server. Server was offline for 15 minutes.

Fixed Elemental Critical Damage appears without equipping a Pentagram with Critical Damage option
Fixed a scenario where set option of mastery errtel could not work
Fixed Baseball Mini-Game issuing invalid reward
Fixed issue where it was possible to apply same Pentagram attribute options
Fixed issue where certain number of Elemental Powder items did not auto-convert to Elemental Capsule
Fixed issue where Mysterious Stone use on shields resulted in appliance of invalid excellent option
Fixed issue where harmony options could visually disappear randomly
Enabled support of harmony Options display for Chaos Box and Personal Store
Increased success rate to get Punish from Radiance Errtel
Changed respawn time of Ferea Boss to 6 hours
Slightly increased PvM damage of Wizard, Elf, Lord, Summoner, Rune Wizard
Slightly decreased PvM damage of Mage, Crusher, Rage Fighter
Fixed issue where Lord of Ferea event area was not restricted properly
Fixed Bonus Option not being applied properly on Mastery Items
Fixed issue where trade of Pentagrams with mastery errtels resulted in invalid set option after trade
Applied temporary workaround to eliminate invalid visual glitch on Lord of Ferea boss as a part of of furure complete fix
Fixed issue where Jewel of Harmony options effect was not applied
Fixed issue where is was not possible to add different options under same element for Mastery Pentagrams
Fixed itemoptionsystem mount problem
Fixed issue where using specified combination of mount and guardian items was handled incorrectly
Blocked ability to use Mysterious Stone on items with max possible options/bonus
Fixed issue where Guardians with 0 HP became invalid items
Fixed issue where Harmony Bonus option effect was not applied

Posted 05 / 04 / 2022

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